About Us

Trius Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. was established in 2006 after the overwhelming transitional growth of the original company "Delta Imaging Service" since Y2K in assisting our local Hospitals, Imaging Centers, Urgent Cares, Veterinarians and Private Practices with meeting their imaging equipment and onsite or remote style service needs—which was finding the right equipment solution for their individual needs, at the right price budget, with the right local ongoing service and support at your door. Initially starting with just a honest deep passion, a few tools, products and a self run family business, Delta Imaging Service now Trius with its wonderful talented staff started paving the way of the new style Medical and Veterinary Digital Imaging future by growing strong customer relationships with the best hospital and clinical grade products and services over the past 16 years.  Trius Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. still today remains to be a "face to face" style professional automated company and prides itself on the support of our valued local business'.

SHARED Core Values:
Security – provide what was promised on time, dependably and accurately
Honesty – communicate facts and set the proper expectations
Accountability – take ownership of actions and openly admit to shortcomings as a catalyst for change
Responsiveness – provide prompt, effective service that far exceeds expectations
Empathy – offer the highest degree of caring and individual attention
Devotion – continually exhibit actions that demonstrate our commitment to improving customer service